It happens to be my birthday week and my WordPress anniversary week too…it’s been an year now since I started blogging…I have been having a lot of challenges but I got through..when I started my blog I never actually knew what content I wanted to put out to the world..I love writing and so far I have over a hundred posts…But that’s little and shows how lazy I have been of late.But I have really being caught up with School work since its increasing day by day. in that one year I have been able to discover my strength points and weaknesses as well. I came to realize my love for twitter that was never there. I have grown my social media accounts except Facebook(I really don’t know why) But thanks to you my reader you have boosted my self esteem by just having a glimpse in my blog. actually from the stats I get I was able to go and explore social media and boost my accounts.

Now,on Monday was my birthday and I turned 19. I really thank God for the years and my mum as well for raising me. I was born long after my brother had lived and everyone thought he was the last born. But yeah ,Sheila was born after 13years.

I think I really had the best birthday week ever. For the ever first time,I have have received gifts for my birthday..one was so precious that I couldn’t help but just wow the moment I am with it.

I think ladies should give me their view on such a gift if they got it for their birthday.



I really thank all who made my day and week a success…I really got to appreciate my parents,siblings and more so my friends and you for supporting me in my blogging journey and social media too

Thank you thank you thank you!
Love you all

Sheila N Kimani


In the Fog of a Seasons’ End, by Alex La Guma

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In the Fog of the Seasons' EndIn the wake of the death of Nelson Mandela, it seemed an appropriate time to read La Guma’s book, In the Fog of a Seasons’ End which I bought from the Africa Book Club a little while ago.  It is one of the Heinemann African Writers Series, and while the book paints a bleak and almost hopeless picture of the struggle against apartheid when the regime was at the height of its power, it is also a vivid depiction of the heroism of activists who refused to submit to it.

Alex La Guma (1925-1985) was a distinguished South African author who was also one of the leading figures in the struggle against apartheid.  According to the brief bio in the front of the book, he joined the Communist Party as a young man, and was active in the movement until it was banned in 1950.  In 1956 he was among those who drew up…

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Languish was a word that I was really familiar with ever since I was a toddler. Lavishness was a word that I learned as I grew up. I was ever called the quiet one,the meek one,the naive one,the feeblest of them all. Even a goof was a word that I heard people referring it to me but I didn’t really know the meaning of it but well yeah,the called me still.

Born from a humble background which was benighted,I really had low self esteem. I never believed in myself. I was walking dead full of lost hope but rich in brains that I really never got to utilize them. I was ever drooling since I schooled with well-heeled,affluent and privileged kids. This made me really sad and I underated myself. This made me so nescient and unlettered among my peers after learning about my background. I can’t say I was really impressive about this.

It lessened and vitiated me. I really wondered why God did this to me and yet I have been faithful to him all my life and a saint per se.

I really didn’t know what the world had for me. I can say I was naive for sure. I got to the end and had enough of that life.

Life can really be annoying if you really don’t have a sense of direction or if you are really not sure about it. I suffered for more than 15yrs since I was so meek and didn’t know how to make my own decisions. I failed terribly in most spheres of life those days.

I thought I was good but I was so bad and I didn’t know what life had in pack for me. My life was been controlled by other people that i reply thought they made it on life but oops! Sorry to me. I suffered depression but I didn’t let that out. I didn’t let my family know about it.

Most times I could find myself crying over petty issues such as being looked down upon or failing in  one  way or another. I never had a friend to look up to. Everyone used to count me out. I ended up being a loner. I never had a shoulder to lean on. I never trusted anyone. My parents couldn’t understand me but I couldn’t do anything.

Well since I was used to crying it became a habit that was so hard to overcome. Little did I know that life was big merry go round. This time you are up the next time you are down. What goes around comes back around..

I learn that we all make mistakes and you might ashame yourself at one point life but you still stand strong and move on with life.

To anyone who feel despaired I would like to ask to listen to a jam by Jussie Smollett and Estelle called Conqueror.

You would rather stand tall than live on your knees hiding your face daily coz you are a conqueror and you won’t accept defeat.

You have a vision that no one else sees, roll up your sleeves and come ready to face the world and show them what you got and what you are capable of doing.

All in all remember to thank God for your life ,all your did, all you are doing and all you want to do…pray to Him  to lead you in all spheres on your life and to help your overcome your challenges and deceivers. He is faithful.

That’s my week’s inspiration.
Lots of love

Sheila N Kimani


Nail designs to acquire


Its the beginning of a new year so I thought I should also try out something new too…I have nail goals.

I love nails and I love taking care of them.This has been my passion since those days when I was in lower primary. I used to make sure my mum’s nails were perfect and mine too. I get really fascinated with long,polished,clean and well taken care of nails.

So i did a good research of the type of nail designs which are well suited for various occasions and timings.

The official nail look


This nail shade will automatically match with any outfit that you choose to wear for that official look.

The weekend/summer nail shadeimage

So sweet and simple to suit that weekend out or the summer vacation.


The solid shades.
This year I got to realize something,that am really into solid shades as part of nail designs.
Have a look at this






The solid part of them just bring out that strong lady look and reveals your personality at large.

The black shade






That black shade be on point..

Apply it and walk head held up so high

All the data collected from

Latest fashion trends



Matte nails


Sheila Kimani


I tried luck,I got unlucky,

I tried lottery,I became broke,

I tried hustling,I became a hustler,

I tried ignoring,I was called proud,

I tried socializing,I ended up being antisocial,

I tried learning,I got more confused,

I tried correcting,I got more corrections to do,

I tried ….yes I tried….

It became hard for me but all I could do was to put up if find myself at a reckless point.

I understand that 2015 is past tense now.it was that year that i tried out a couple of things.I would be lying if I said all worked out…

It was an year of

pain and joy

Rejoice and sorrows

Uplifts and downlifts

I thank God for 2016.Its going to work out well.my resolutions and plans are all written down and I believe in achievement….Thank you for being part of  my 2016


Lots of love

Sheila Kimani




#Week Inspiration by Sheila11420931_1672223443032792_116721360_n(1)

This week has been week of a lot of happenings. I got to learn a lot from people and in many ways. It happened to collide with my exams and so I am trying to incorporate all.

I started the week talking to more than 25 on my Whatsapp chat list but as per now they are reduced to 10. The reason is simple. The moment you learn that someone doesn’t add value to your life the first option is always dropping them of life. Most of this people who don’t add value to your life always decrease it or don’t value you at all.

This life is all about you and all that you do. It doesn’t include your friends. I learnt from a friend that you should give priority to those that value you. That has been my strategy since then.

I admit my mistakes and I made a mistake to a recently made pal. We were in the joking mood and it was all about laughing nothing serious. So in the process I think he got hurt. I tried apologizing but oops he didn’t ease the matter. He got mad till to date. I got stressed during the week and that’s when my pal told me “do not give priority to people who do not value you and neither talk to you.”

Don’t be so touchy: the least things offend you. People have to weigh their words to talk to you even in the most trivial matter. Don’t feel hurt if I tell you are unbearable: unless you change you’ll never be of any use.

I got motivated and decided to live my life as it flowed: dropping and adding the rightful friends in the process. I am now contented with the few that I talk to because they give me the attention and value as I value them.

But at some point it really nags me, the fact that the people you really want to talk to they are unavailable and you have to keep up with the ones talking to you.

However dear ones you have to remember something that ,You have to clash with one character of one person or another; it has to be like that way because you are not a dollar bill to be liked by everyone!!

So please just keep cool, calm and enjoy your life before it lasts. Be the regulator of your own life. Change your life to the better if its good and to the best if its better. Not even time should control you control your own time.

Lots of love





That moment when you are missing someone who doesn’t even remember you………

That moment that you wish that you have all the money or do a fundraising to raise the money……

That moment when you wish you had a best friend to tell your issues…..

That moment you are in a matatu without a phone while everyone is just on their phone…….

That moment when you miss home so badly but you have to attend all classes daily……

That moment when your crush puts a dp of a chic and writes ‘WCW &MCM all time….

That moment when you send your crush your pic and you expect some lovish emojis and lovish words but he puts the emojis the ones for raising hands and comments ‘uko top’…………..

That moment when you have a lonely heart and feel like crying………




The results were out and it was now time to think of the campus that i wanted to attend.I wanted to go to US but it did not go through.That was in May.So i missed the Kenyan campus entries in the May intake.I had to stay at home for around 3 months,but i went  to Dubai to take a break from Kenyan Life.When i came back i wanted to go to Daystar since i have never dreamt of going to a public university

Little did i know that Daystar’s intake was in August unlike other unis which are always in September.By the time i was going to apply the registration was closed.However much i tried pleading with them to allow me in and that i would catch up with the rest.The registrar did not consider me and my pleas.He clearly told me NO!

In my whole life that was the first time to be told no .I cried so much since i did not believe.I thought now i had to wait till January for me to attend the university.My husband’s sister tried to get a friend who works at Daystar and inquire for vacancy. They said unless i was to pay the whole fee by the next day that was when they would let me in.That was crazy for me.How would my parents get 120K by the following day.I didnt sleep that night.I was on the internet searching for another university.

I really had a hard time since i had not focused on any other university.I checked different websites for different universities.I later decided to try out one of them the next day.That was USIU(United States International University).So i was up early the next day and went to USIU to ask about it.Luckily i got and admission and here i am now in the USIU Library writing my story.Thanks to my God.

Now to the campus life.I was so nervous at first since i thought USIU as not right for me and since most of my friends were not here.Most of the time in the first days i was always on my phone and never made new friends.If my former highschoolmates were not around i would sit alone.But after attending the freshers party,i started becoming sociable.I got new pals and lost some too since we didn’t match.11950568_818157434962215_1206891584_n 11909992_1669318299949969_559529192_n

USIU made my life as a freshman very easy.I expected campus to have like so hard things and one would have a hard time.I never had a hard time nor are there hard things here.Life is all about you.Your schedules are scheduled by you.

I love my sense of school since i set my standards high just like the school’s standards.Welcome to USIU..

27 TIPS for Better Voice Quality and Habits

Your voice is always a key part of your presentations, as well as everyday communication. But when you are leading a webinar, hosting a conference call, or delivering content by phone, your voice is critical. Good voice quality, strong vocal habits, and clear speech are a must. Do you know how to make the most of this oh-so-important asset?

Analyze your voice habits:

1. Listen to your outgoing phone messages for a few days. How are your vocal habits and voice quality? These are habits you can practice every day…

Relax your voice:

2. Breathe. Sip lukewarm liquid. Do not clear your voice repeatedly, or you will make matters worse. Good news: strain in your voice is almost always more obvious to you than it is to your audience.

Eliminate up-speak:

3. If you end sentences with upward inflections, you sound like you are asking questions, and it makes you sound uncertain. For more credibility, your statements should have a firm, downward inflection.

Improve enunciation

4. Slow down just slightly, enough to allow a slight pause between words and sentences.

5. Use a voice recorder or listen to your voice messages to check your enunciation.

6. When rehearsing for a presentation, record your words and listen back for good enunciation.

Better language habits: 

7. Avoid qualifier words: “kind of, sort of, hopefully, maybe, just, just a little.” Example: “If I could just have a moment of your time, I will hopefully clarify my position.”

8. Reduce the number of fillers and non-words: “um, uh, ah, well, so, like, you know, and-um.” Example: “It’s like, you know, um, the meeting is going to be cancelled, so…”

9. Avoid “careless endings” such as gonna, shoulda, coulda, woulda, comin’, goin,’ etc.

Build better grammar:

10. Ask someone you trust to tell you if you habitually make any grammatical or pronunciation errors in your speech. These are “blind spots” we can only fix once we are aware of them.

Control your pace:

11. If you speak too fast, rather than s-l-o-w-i-n-g down radically, open your mouth wider, enunciate more clearly, and pause more frequently. These will help you sound less rushed.

12. If you speak too slowly, you may be focusing too much on the rehearsed words, or searching for the perfect word. Increased focus on the meaning rather than the words may help.

Um….Kill the Fillers:

13. Record your voice or ask someone to give you honest feedback. If your fillers are small and infrequent, you may stop worrying. If they are large and frequent, especially between each phrase and sentence, you will want to reduce them.

14. Record your practice presentations and voice messages. Try to breathe where you might have inserted the filler.

15. Become more comfortable with pauses.

16. Stay mindful when speaking. Don’t think ahead to the next point you are about to make. Finish each thought, pause, and then begin the next one.

Pause when you:

17. Want to add emphasis to a key point in your presentation.

18. Move from one slide to another, or after taking and answering a question.

19. Need to think about where you are going next, or want your audience to think about what you just said.

20. Want to regain the full attention of the audience.

What’s your pitch?

21. If your voice gets too high when you speak due to nerves or stress, you will sound less confident. Slow down, breathe, and try to speak in your normal pitch.

22. If your normal pitch is higher than you would like, be sure to breathe, open your mouth wider, and push your sound out with your tummy.

Warm up your voice

23. Before you begin your presentation, especially if it is in the morning, hum or sing out loud to limber up your voice.

24. Loosen your shoulders. Raise them up, up, up, and then let them fall. Slowly turn your neck to one side and then the other, giving it a good stretch.  Keep that feeling of relaxation in your neck and shoulders.

25. Loosen your face. Open your mouth as wide as you can. Work your jaw up and down. Widen your eyes as wide as you can. Smile broadly.  Release any tension you notice anywhere in your face.

Final Tips

26. Stand up when you speak. It gives your voice more power.

27. Smile when you speak. Listeners can hear it in your voice.

How do you stand? What surprised you? What are you willing to try in order to improve your vocal quality and habits?

Try the tips dear ones….it works out….plus the morning lemon water. Remember the benefits?


Sheila N Kimani